We got too many emails as a result of the NBC video and cannot answer them all. If you want to visit, please contact us in the spring or summer.

I scanned alot of the emails and responded to some. It makes me sad that we can’t respond to all emails and that there are so many people who want something like this so much. We have very scant resources – intentionally – and just can’t provide much. Check out Earthskills and Primitive skills gatherings and network and maybe you’ll find your way to us or to something better.  Life here is still just life.

Wildroots is a 30-acre earthskills homestead in rural Western NC. Our focus is on experiential learning and living, while practicing, developing and sharing primitive skills for rewilding and reconnection.

At Wildroots, we live without electricity (solar or otherwise – but we have headlamps, a telephone and a truck) or plumbing. We carry our water in jugs, use a crosscut saw to get our wood, and practice “earthskills”, or earth-based lifeways as much as possible.

Visiting season is currently open! Please email if you’re interested.