Wildroots began in 2010 to construct a multi section Food Forest over an area of approximately 5 acres of hillside that was logged about 10 – 15 years ago. The top section of hillside has been planted so far with American hybrid chestnuts, shagbark and shelbark hickories, bur oaks and persimmons. The canopy and shrub layer is mostly in place and over the next few years we will be adding to the shrub layer and working on the herbaceous layer.

The middle third of the slope is very disturbed land and steep. Most of it was bulldozed out to form an access road and has no topsoil. It is steep, prone to erosion and partially overgrown with doghair saplings. We are working hard on terracing, removing saplings and building soil.

The bottom third is a small bottomland area that is flat, along the creek, but much of it is overgrown with trees and saplings. There is a section that is being opened up into a clearing and is being planted with trees such as service tree, apricot and cornelian cherry, and also has an arbor of hardy kiwis started, currants, raspberries, pawpaws and many other things. This one section, while not completed, is probably the closest to being finished planting.

One way you can help is by sponsoring a bush or tree to donate to Wildroots. We have a small list of things that we would like to plant next year and need help with. Contact us if you would be willing to donate towards the purchase of any of the needed plants.